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We jumped on a Grayhound bus and chose Detroit as our point of entry. Someone told us that Detroit is being reinvigorated and is now funky and up-and-coming. That person must have been blind and from slums in India. So this is downtown Detroit. Looks almost alright, a bit empty and the ratio between normal people and hobos is a bit off, but alright. There is a lot of construction. It is easy to imagine how once this city was great, but big D has aged a lot.

Red Wings being such a great and fun team to watch and the hot dogs soo tasty, we can see how this could be fun, but get in a car, go to game, get a dog and go home fun; NOT walk there, have a walk in city, take a bus home fun. Most of the Detroit looks like this.

Fucking scary and ghetto like.

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On the first night of arrival we decided to use the busses: BAD idea. Within few minutes there was a drug deal right next to us on the bus and the our bus change was at the 8 mile. Yeah, the 8 mile Eminem has a movie about.

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The Ford museum was amazing. Detroit has a lot of great museums and things to do, but those areas are like oasis in a dessert, you never know whether you will make your way from one oasis to another or if the dessert will take you.

This is Roberta with Laima. Laima is probably the nicest person one can ever meet. She took us in for few days and showed us around. We got on our second to last Greyhound ride and went to Chicago and that was a whole new ball game.

Little info about our travels No.2

Then we walked into the downtown met up with this guy: Eric. She is another friend of Toms from university days.

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Meridith let us crash with her for couple of days. Unfortunately, no photo with Meredith, but she was super cool. Chicago is famous for their sandwiches and deep-dish-pizza.

Par vakcinēšanās kārtību un nepieciešamību stāsta Rimi Bērniem programmas bērnu veselības eksperte Sanita Mitenberga.

Fantastic quick bite. Architecture boat tour of Chicago. If you ever visit Chicago this tour is an absolute must. The guide tells you so many incredible facts about the buildings. Knowing these facts ooo gaļas dvēseles tirdzniecība how much struggle has gone into building these giants in these extremely challenging circumstances lets you gain new levels of appreciation for these skyscrapers One of the most common obstacles in the trains. The trains run under most of Chicago.

That means that there is not much room for foundations, but the smart guys have figures many ways around the problem, for example: suspending parts of buildings or building the foundation like an up-side-down pyramid. The tall black building there is the Willis tower, the tallest building in Chicago. Up in the Willis tower. More like a pie. Chicago visit would not be complete without going to one of the many live Blues venues.

Chicago was fun, not enough time for everything though. If your going, plan for at least 3 days.

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The very next day we went to our first American-Foot-Ball game. The foot-ball you play with your hands, and that is why americans had to rename the foot-ball, the game you play with your feet, soccer. This is Toms and Ty. It was not easy, we nearly retreated to renting a car, BUT two days of numerous DMV and drivers-license-office-place visits later, what we see here is Toms with an Iowa permanent drivers license, the plates for the Honda that is registered on Toms and the Odyssey herself insured, checked and ready to go!

Let the road trip begin. Youtube links uz dziesmu on the road again. We picked up a blow-up, pillows and a blanket in Walmart, these purchses finished off our bedroom perfectly. This is not quite Denver yet though.

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After having done about miles, a leak in a water pump surfaced in a form of engine overheating, therefore a couple of more stops and not quite in Denver. Nice place. Would visit again for a specific reason like a hockey game or American football game, but city itself runs out of things to offer pretty quickly. If you are wondering why is Roberta drinking water, that drink is not water, but pretty close: BudLight.

We quickly skimmed Denver, decided to move on to Aspen. We got up to elevation of about feet, it got dark and we went to sleep again. Car was covered in ice. Photo is ātrākie un uzticamākie naudas pelnīšanas veidi the morning after.

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Rockies waking up. Amazing roads, amazing sights, just a great drive. We did not realize that Aspen is so city like.

LTV: Olimpisko nozīmīšu kolekcionāru kultūra Sočos Kā pārliecinājies Dīvs Reiznieks - mainīšanās ar nozīmītēm tiek dēvēta par olimpiādes skatītāju sportu, jo nemaz tik viegli tikt pie kārotajiem nieciņiem nav. Tomēr tad, kad tas izdevies, tās kalpo par īpašu valūtu. Viens no Dīva sarunu biedriem ir Arturo no Čīles.

We thought the place is just a resort village, but Aspen is an actual city with schools and businesses for landscaping and much more. Just one of the amazing sights in Aspen. After Ooo gaļas dvēseles tirdzniecība we spent a couple more days in Colorado to check out how Bud is brewed, visit a couple more places and head North after that. Now we were heading North crossing Nebraska again and South Dakota.

Kā izvairīties no parādiem: Warren Buffett - finansiālo nākotni amerikāņu jaunatnei (1999)

Things got real rural real soon. Even the roads turned into gravel and we thought you only get those roads in Latvia.

The great part about remote, rural areas is that you come across gems like this. This little dinner was on a side of a highway number something. The place was great, great food, great service, just the real America. Sunrise before seeing mount Rushmore.


Rushmore…a tiny bit underwhelming, but alright. As we are leaving Nebraska and entering Wyoming the scenery is changing again. Roberta feeling airy.

ooo gaļas dvēseles tirdzniecība kā jūs varat nopelnīt naudu naudas apmaiņā

Driving into the mountains. One of qopton binārās opcijas most popular attractions in Yellowstone park is geyser Old Faithful. Old Faithful is not just standing alone, instead the geyser is located in this huge geothermal area. From what we hear, even this area is just the tip of the iceberg, apparently the whole Yellowstone is sitting on top of a super volcano that is due to erupt and when it does, we are DONE!


Huge crack. The park has a lot of river, a lot of cracks and therefore a lot of waterfalls. On the morning of departing from Yellowstone, we had possibly the best breakfast we have ever had in a place called Yellowstone grill.

After Yellowstone we were heading further North. Montana welcomed us with rains and clouds from different world. National parks will usually have nice campsite. This is a lake inside an old crater, not to be confused with the Crater Lake. More great roads. The vastness is hard to explain, describe or understand from a photo, but let us tell you, places like this make you feel like you do not matter at all. Valley with fog and rain clouds forming.

A lot of trees were dressed up like this in the previously seen valley. The lake was super clear. All of the water is rain water and melting ice flowing down the mountains. After leaving Glacier park, Odyssey overheated an hour and a half too soon. As you gather, we had a system worked out. We thought this is a one of, but boy were we wrong.


We could see the water coming out on the bottom as we were putting some in. This is an unfortunate force stop in Wallace, Idaho due to the leak, but what a beautiful stop it turned out to be. Wallace has also claimed the centre of the universe and until someone can prove them wrong, they get to keep that title. At a silver mine.

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Mining is too loud and hard way too hard. Back in the day the miners spent 7 years on a tunnel about 10 yard deep in the rock. Braving up to take Odyssey to the next town over to get her fixed. Biscuits and gravy and ooo gaļas dvēseles tirdzniecība waffle is gonna get you as ready as anything. The waffle and biscuits did not work at all for Odyssey.

The second we hit the highway, we lost all the coolant, started heating up, we had to refill on hard shoulder whilst trucks are blasting past at 75mph.

ooo gaļas dvēseles tirdzniecība pelnīt naudu pareizi

Barely made it to the next town. Found ooo gaļas dvēseles tirdzniecība shop. The idiots in the shop got the timing belt wrong. Nearly killed the motor. We had to stay over night to give the clowns enough time to get the job right with the third go.

It was a disaster, but as you can see in the photo we have made it to Seattle in the end. Not without drama and stress, but did it never the less!